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The Science of Magical Plants

Are Certified Organic Foods Better for Kidney Health?  

Herbal Medicine & Cancer 
 The Art of Healing Magazine (Aus)

Organic NZ Magazine
 March, 2013

February, 2013

January, 2013
The Truth About Herbal Sex Pills for MenKinkly.comNovember, 2012
The Elimination Diet – Risks and BenefitsThe NZ Journal of Natural MedicineOctober, 2012
Growing an Urban GardenOrganic NZ Magazine
Freegan in the CityHappyzineAugust, 2012
Nutritional, Herbal and Emotional Healthcare for our Feline FriendsHappyzineFebruary, 2012
The Healing Power of SunlightHappyzineMarch, 2012
Eggs – from super bad, to super good!HappyzineFebruary, 2012

Are Morningstar Mineral Energy Boost Supplements Safe?MedWondersFebruary, 2012
Nature's SPF ProtectionHappyzineJanuary, 2012
Coffee Might Save Your LifeHappyzineJanuary, 2012
Brain FoodsSleep and Wellness Magazine (U.S.)Arpil, 2012
The Good Health Guide To TravelWellpark College of Natural TherapiesMarch, 2012
Does Creativity Lead to Better Health?The Learning ConnexionDecember, 2012
The Benefits of Doing NothingHappyzineDecember, 2012
Herbal Medicine and DiabetesBeSureToTest.com2011
Effects of Stress and Negative Thinking on HealthBeSureToTest.com2011
Polycystic Ovarian SyndromeBeSureToTest.com2011
The Importance of SleepBeSureToTest.com2011
Bread and Blood SugarsBeSureToTest.com2011
Raw Food DietsBeSureToTest.com2011
Medical SeaweedsBeSureToTest.com2011
Activity of AndrographisEhow2011
How to Regenerate the Myelin SheathEhow2011
Differences of Urban and Rural LivingEhow2011
Benefits of Liver & Fish OilEhow2011
How To Detoxify LeadEhow2011
Will Yarrow Tincture Help My Asthma?Livestrong2011
Blueberries And Your BrainLivestrong2011
Nigella Sativa & AsthmaLivestrong2011
Manuka Honey For UlcersLivestrong2011
The Purpose of Chicory RootLivestrong2011
Do Mushrooms Have An Effect On Testosterone Levels?Livestrong2011
Lion's Mane Mushroom for Nerve DamageLivestrong2011
Can Herbal Supplements Give You Bad Dreams?LivestrongAugust, 2011
Facts About Agaricus BisporusLivestrongAugust, 2011
Black Pepper & DigestionLivestrongAugust, 2011
Sambucol for Asthma and BronchitisLivestrongAugust, 2011
Cactus Juice to Reduce InflammationLivestrongSeptember, 2011
Echinacea for MononucleosisLivestrongJuly, 2011
Do Mushrooms Increase White Blood Cells?Livestrong2011
Herbs For Black LungLivestrong2011
Eldberry and CancerLivestrong2011
Nettle Leaf and Blood PressureLivestrongJuly, 2011
Homeopathic Adrenal SupplementsLivestrongJuly, 2011
What Do Mushrooms Do To Your Brain?Livestrong2011
Raspberry Leaf & HormonesLivestrongSeptember, 2011
Periwinkle Tea For Controlling DiabetesLivestrongSeptember, 2011
Flower Essences For Weight LossLivestrongAugust, 2011


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