Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Productive Day

Today, so far, is a good day. I have made time this morning to read a marvelous and inspiring book "Artist in the Office" by Summer Pierre, as well as write some new poetry and finish editing one of my latest short stories. I have sent the story, as well as a poem, to one of my tutors for critiquing. I can only hope she will be gentle!

Days like this make me feel as though the direction I am taking is worthwhile - as though I am not wasting my time completely. I need to earn some more money, true. I could really use a decent hair cut, sure. But I am producing, I am sending things off to the publishers, and people are enjoying my work! Real people. Not imaginary ones. Not family members who are forced to smile and nod approvingly as if my love depended on it. Real people!

Last night I opened up my email account to discover a poem is going to be published by an ezine "Very Bad Poetry". Funny name, eh? I suppose it's where a lot of my poetry belongs. And sure enough, the poem that they selected for publishing, in my opinion, was not one of my greatest. But it doesn't matter. People (out there!) will be reading it and it's one more thing for the CREATIVE RESUME. I mean, it's like painting, right? Whats the point of writing this stuff if it just sits on my hard drive. It might as well be out there (!) somewhere, where it might give people some measure of satisfaction or pleasure. I know it is a thrill and great feedback when people like your work enough to publish it.

The day is not over yet, however. Time to go prepare some lunch of some form, and then perhaps get to some of my other assignments. Who knows, maybe even those freelance articles that might pay my bills?

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