Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everythings and Nothings, with lots of Somethings

Life is a fantastic mesh of messiness, laughter and food sometimes. It's strange when it's all so wonderful, so unexpected, yet you still feel stressed and nauseous from exhaustion, because it's all so fast, so whirlwindish. I wouldn't change anything about my life these days - except to take it off the fast-forward button. 

In two weeks all my classes begin once more and I will be sent reeling into a world of editing, writing and painting. This is good. Right? Yes. Absolutely. Other bohemians will look positively banker-ish compared to how bohemian I've become. I just desperately hope that I have enough spare time for my boyfriend, my dogs and my poor, poor vegetable patch. 

The other day I recieved a little bit of news. Apparently another one of my poems has been selected to be published in a book. I know very little about this book, except that it is an anthology of local poets and that the book launch is suprisingly soon. The poem that was selected is called "Hansel & Gretel" and was written halfway through last year following a university english paper I did on fairytales, mythology and folklore. 

Right now my beloved boyfriend is making up some breakfast for me. I can hear the complaining spittle of oil in the pan, and wafting tendrils of smokey aromas are finding me here at my computer. I had best go and investigate just what he is up to. 

Later this week I hope to upload some new content, including a few book reviews (I have been absolutely book crazy these last two weeks!) and a post on "Finding the Writer's Voice". 

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