Friday, February 10, 2012

Fairy Tale News

"Fairy stories are everywhere and every-day. We are all princes and princesses in disguise, or ogres or wicked dwarfs. All these histories are the histories of human nature, which does not seem to change very much in a thousand years or so, and we don't get tired of the fairies because they are so true to it." -  Anne Thackeray Ritchie

Some really awesome fairy tale stuff is happening this week.

Goblin Fruit has just released their Winter 2012 issue of mythic poetry.

Author Helen Lowe has written a blog about traditional Maori mythology that features in New Zealand literature.

The first episode of "Once Upon A Time" aired last night on TV Two here in New Zealand. I was a bit disappointed at some of the cheesier elements of the episode -- but overall I am glad to see a fairy tale television show airing. Together with some fairy tale films such as Jack the Giant Killer, Snow White and the Hunstman, The Hobbit, and Troll Hunter, this is going to be a very fairy-tale-licious year.

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