Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rabbit at Sunrise

Recently I have decided to expand my horizons, to exorcise my demons of low-self-confidence and poor-self-esteem, and learn to paint. I love drawing and painting. And I've always wanted to do it properly. The other day with a shaky brush and a timid heart I approached my very first canvas, and I thought that I could share the end results with you.

I am pleased with it. I don't think it's the best painting in the world - it's very rough and not detailed at all. However I am surprised how well the rabbit did turn out - that was the scariest part of the painting. I had images of a rabbit-looking-mutant ending up on the canvas. But no, my fears were in vain. It is just a rabbit. A beautiful, dark rabbit watching the stars. I wonder what he is dreaming?

This experiment has spurred me on to continue painting. I love colors and spent much of my teenage years playing with the very early versions of software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Paintshop Pro. My sister was a web designer and would share these delightful programs with me. I taught myself a lot at that stage about designing, color theory and computer graphics.

However, I was always too scared to make my own images. I only ever manipulated other people's.

Perhaps now that will change?

To leave off, here is a new poem that I wrote earlier today, inspired by some of the new photos on Terri Windling's blog of her dear dog, Tilly. 

"Library Dog"

On pillows of pages
and beneath vines
of songs and paint,
a library dog lulls off
to a forgetful sleep,
disappearing into beaches
and stories and storms
of distant blue,
and grains of sand
that write lullabies into the ocean.

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