Friday, January 28, 2011

Smoking and Herbs: How to Quit Naturally

Earlier this week I took up an assignment to write an article for Demand Studios on "How to Quit Smoking Using Herbs". It really seemed like the perfect fit at the time. I know a lot about herbal medicine. A lot.

And I hate tobacco and smoking. A lot. 

It was a (work) match made in heaven! 

In all seriousness, I was given the opportunity to learn a lot from researching this assignment. Herbs like Rhodiola and St John's Wort are fast becoming some of the biggest research topics in herbal medicine today. The fact that they and other herbs help with withdrawel symptoms and smoking cessation is just one more notch in an already impressive belt. 

Regurgitating old information is one of the most boring parts of being a writer. With that in mind, you've got to strive to find new and interesting information when writing freelance material. Especially when writing on old and decrepit topics that have begun to acquire that zombie smell (because a thousand writers have covered it a thousand times already). 

The link to the published article is here:

Growing up, both of my parents smoked, and it had implications for both their health in the long run. I hope that writing articles such as this one goes out there, and (somehow) helps someone, in some way. 

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