Sunday, January 30, 2011

Working Hard on Blog

I've decided that if one has a blog, one must learn to use one's blog more effectively. 

Or at least, more effectively than one has been doing - if "one" means "me". 

Having said that, I know that I am a highly visual person, and having a blog that is pleasing to the eye, energetic, possibly even inspiration, will help to motivate me incredibly to log in and start typing away in here.

When you are a freelancer, you are acutely aware of phrases such as "time is money". However, I have decided that is not how I am going to run my home business. I am going to take my time, have fun, explore, play and enjoy the full and delicious ride of it as long as I can.

I did not become a writer because I wanted to earn money (the two simply just don't go together). I became a writer because I wanted to share with others that which that I love, the knowledge that has helped me, and the energies and ideas that have moved me. 

These are the sentiments and abstract ideas which I decided had to be expressed and connected through my blog.

I have spent the last few days working hard on the design and layout. It's been a joyous experience to tap back into old skills I gained as a teenager when I used to teach myself web design and HTML. More then anything, accessing the visual aspects of the brain and giving the "audio-digital" language of the analytical mind a rest I've enjoyed. 

The blog is mostly finished, with new pages up and running allowing readers to see my published writings, the art I am working on and the e-zine journal that I am editing. 

Next step: finish up connecting the links on the left-hand panel, have some tea, charge up my camera and learn to use it more often, play with some paint, dance around in my living room, then get back to work. 

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