Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Release from Semaphore Magazine

Today is a very exciting day. In addition to it being the two year anniversary for my partner and I, we are heading up north for a few days to visit my family visiting from Canada. If that wasn't awesome enough, the latest issue of Semaphore Magazine has been released, featuring a poem I wrote last year titled "Black Magic Woman". Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! I came so close to not sending it to the editor at all.

I am sad to hear that it will be Marie's last publication of Sempahore for the time being, but I hope that she will continue to release this brilliant magazine when she returns from her trip overseas. It was wonderful to know that there were other publishers in NZ attempting to release speculative fiction works, and Marie has done a fantastic job of editing the magazine for five years now. Last year Sempahore Magazine won the Sir Julius Vogel Award for a publication specializing in speculative fiction.

To check out Sempahore Magazine, click here. 

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