Monday, May 23, 2011

Writers and Social Media

It is becoming more and more important for writers and artists to take an active role in the marketing aspect of their own careers. While many people might find this leap into the future challenging, I have always had one finger in the internet and its developments, so it seems like a natural path of progression. The internet is able to access so many people in such a small space of time. And it's free (most of the time).

Not to mention, I love the fact that I can receive messages and updates from my favorite authors, artists, editors, etc. They are not just disconnected entities existing somewhere, out there, who release a book every once in a while to tell the world that they are still alive. They are people - real people. While I am not so interested in what they ate for breakfast, it is great to feel connected to these people whose work touches, influences and inspires our lives.

Today on Writer Unboxed, guest blogger Crystal King is posting a delicious article about the benefits of joining LinkedIn (the professional network community) for writers. Its great, I love LinkedIn- and this article has helped inspire me to log back on, follow her advice and make it work for ME. Synchronizing it with things like FB and Blogger will help save time as well. Check out Crystal's blog post here

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  1. Hey Joel, followed your link back to your blog from the comment you left earlier - love the look of your place here!

    Thanks for posting a link to this article. I've ummed and ahhed about LinkedIn for awhile, decided I really didn't *get* it and stayed away. After reading that I can see the sense in making use of it though, so I guess I better go and sign up ;-)



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