Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poetry and Rabbits

To Celebrate the grand unveiling of The Rabbit Hill's new design, I have written a poem. It's kind of longish, so if you don't feel like reading the whole thing, just run your fingers over the computer screen and absorb the good vibes vibing off it. ;)

The Rabbit Hill

You are standing on a hill
and you think it's just dirt

You don't realize
beneath your toes and soles
great black holes are stretching
down into the ground.

Tunnels of stories and faerie lights
are weaving backwards and forwards
through the walls of time
down where no person sees.

The tunnels were dug
so very long ago
by the host of rabbits,
every color of the earth;

They saw prophecies
of a great and twisted world
where others saw only dirt
and dirty roots.

They saw books of pebbles
hidden beneath the trees,
and they dug and dug
and dug till they found
the words they wanted.

You don't know it,
but there is dancing
down below.

You don't know it,
but you are standing
on a rabbit hill.

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