Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Religions of Indians of the Mojave Desert

A recent writing assignment had me perusing through some fantastic historical and folklore journals on the Internet to find information on the various Native American tribes who inhabited the Mojave desert in the US. It's the smallest desert in the country, however I was surprised to find it to be such a rich source of history, mythology, ritual practices and herbal medicine. If you want to check out the article (newly published on eHow), click on this article link.

These are the sorts of articles which I am most excited to get to work on - and the experience has led me to consider dropping future health writing assignments in favor of those subjects that really impassion me: history, folklore, mythology, world religion, etc. Perhaps I need to give the natural health writing a break for a bit and explore new seas. I'm a curious person - it's a terrible habit! I end up going down rabbit holes of links and information, neglecting the articles I am 'supposed' to be working on.

Maybe it's time to be listening to the wind inside me, and follow it.


  1. Hi Joel! I've found you via CED. I would definitely vote for you letting your curiosity take you for a ride because the subjects that impassion you are so rich who wouldn't won't to take a dip in seas like those?

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Sometimes venturing into the lands you most dream of is the scariest thing in the world to do, so much so that you might even stop, and consider not entering them at all. Nothing arouses more fear and fragility in us than the pursuit of our dearest dreams.



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