Friday, June 24, 2011

Metamorphosis into Authenticity

 All my life I have struggled to find a form of work that paid the bills and, at the same time, interested me. I've done all sorts of things - worked in a grocery store, in a fruit-packing shed, in an apple orchard, in a take-a-way, in a health food shop, in a health clinic and once nearly ended up working in an office (dodged that bullet!)

And for the past year or so now I've been a writer. What enabled me to make this mythic and strange jump was my background in health science and natural medicine, which put me in a particularly good position to write natural health articles for content web sites.

But I've been thinking: I got into writing not because I wanted to be a health writer.

I did it because I loved to dream, to fantasize, to lose myself in other worlds.

Health and science articles pay for a lot of bills - I can't ignore that. But this month I've learned something else too. I've learned the more I put it out there to the universe that I want to write articles on literature, myth and folklore, the more of those sorts of titles that seem to float my way. Just this week I've been writing about Inuit culture, Taoism and Native American folklore about owls and wolves. It's been great - and I can honestly say I've loved every minute of it.

So I am going to keep on doing just that, and see where I end up.

Next week taking a break from Earthquake Town and visiting my friends and family in the North Island. Looking forward to the vacation from shakes and quakes, and hopefully getting some extra sun (it gets real cold and dark here in the South Island in June!) Love and peace everyone!


  1. I am slowly realizing this for myself too. I am a graphic designer but, I LOVE to paint. I enjoy design and it surely pays the bills but, I am finding the more I spend time painting and put it out there in the world the more I have jobs pop up for commissions. May dream of paying the bills through painting is slowly becoming more real. Good luck in your writing endeavors! Kristen from CED

  2. I really think that it is just step by little step. By growing our art and trade we learn the ropes and become stronger. Some people hit the big time quickly, but that road has it's own challenges, too. Best of luck with the painting - you can do it!

  3. have you ever thought that you are simply a shaman? there two great roles are herbal medicine and the wisdom traditions - symbolism/myth/riddles/folklore etc etc.I can't say you have a place in modetn life it may simply be what you are.



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