Friday, August 19, 2011

Snow, Books and Busifullness.

An apology to my honored readers, visitors, guests and friends, for my long absence from this blog. I do not wish to join the ranks of Bloggers-Who-Do-Not-Actually-Blog, but life has taken a turn for the bizarre, the chilling, and frankly busy. Just when you want to dive into a bowl of yellow ochre oil paint, everything gets a bit frantic and the canvas, the notebook, the sketchbook, and even the garden begin to gather dust.

Not to mention, where I live in New Zealand we have had TWO rather unusual and severe snow storms. Polar winds have moved on up through the North and South Islands of the country, blanketing more than half the country in white frosty frostness. In total, I can count one whole week I've spent trapped indoors by snow. For those of you who no nothing of New Zealand meteorology (for whatever reason...) this does not happen often. Snow occurs at sea level about every four years in Christchurch in the South Island, and even then, this is the worst snow we've seen in near 20 years.

This is a picture of our boy, Biggles. As you can clearly see, he loves the snow. Just loves it.

While all this has been going on, I've been working away on my computer, publishing articles to pay the bills and get myself through University. For the first in a long time, I am actually making a half-decent wage - with writing, no less! And it's a great gig - it allows me the flexibility to go to University where I can study (this term) Children's Literature, Creative Writing and Film Studies.

 This picture is of me outside, at midnight, during the first snowfall. It was like powder. Cold, sparkly powder.

I am supposed to be reading Wind in the Willows at the moment.... but a certain Patrick Rothfuss has found his way onto my bedside table. For those of you who know who Patrick Rothfuss, you understand that his books are NOT a short read. I am about 500 pages or so into "The Wise Man's Fear"... so about half-way. Am I a bad student? Yes, yes I am.

I am not not doing my studies because of drinking, eating, watching Family Guy, going snow boarding or because I've been doing Things That Shall Not Be Named and Got Locked In A Closet Down Lichfield St...I've not been doing my studies because I've been reading.

Reading is important.
Reading is, in some ways, life.
And what kind of English Literature student would I be if I didn't neglect my friends, boyfriend, dogs, personal hygiene and studies to read a really good novel?

Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

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