Friday, December 9, 2011

Interesting Links and Articles

A beautiful photo someone recently shared with me. 

I share a lot of news articles and interesting links to my friends and family on FB, and recently it occurred to me that people who visit this blog might find these articles interesting, too. So here they are!

Interesting links for the day....

YouTube Trailer: Snow White and the Huntsman 

Buzzfeed: 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011

TIME: Why Creative Types May Be More Likely to Cheat

Current Issues In Creativity Research: Facilitating Creative Thinking in the Art Room Old people's stories more boring - study

Advocate: Possibly the Most Beautiful Ad for Marriage Equality We’ve Seen

The Ecologist: Monsanto, Bayer and Dow face trial for 'systematic human rights abuses'

Gizmodo: Condoms With Teeth Fight Rape in South Africa

Today I'm hard at work reading, editing and writing articles for work. But, that doesn't mean I haven't had time to go out and smell the roses. A long walk in the park beneath the shade of chestnuts and oaks always helps to clear my head and re-invigorate me for another day at work. That, and the take-a-way coffee I grab on the way out. ;-)



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