Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Human Voice

"Our voices are saturated with who we are, embodied in the rhythms, tonal variations, associations, images and other somato-sensory metaphors in addition to the content meaning of the words. Our voices are embodiments of ourselves, whether written or spoken. It is in times of extremity that we long to find words or hear another human voice letting us know we are not alone." - Robert Carrol 


  1. The human voice is the most beautiful (and can be the ugliest) of all musical instruments.

  2. Hi Morag! That's very true... it all depends to what end it is used.

  3. I'm only just learning that the sound of the voice is a method of diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps the practitioner determine one's constitutional element. For example I'm metal, and my voice apparently has the sound of "grief" in it (grief is the emotion related to metal) that a practitioner can pick up. Other elements (fire I believe) have a more sing-songy quality to their's been fascinating to learn about!



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